f801918ca3883a4898de8530a0e88a98It is true if I could I would claim you through time

circle your coiled hair and patent smile

did the photographer pose

or you just know

how to swan your neck and hide your pain

in thrice mended sweater a size too small

our boiled wool and best kept stockings

sweating out youth

if now you lived I’d show you what came after

austerity and lit eyes of hazel

wishing into the future

is it better now? or then when

the greatest harm an unmarried pin

sticking your freedom to the quick

you laced yourself in and breathed out

coal dust and fisherman’s hands

chaffed and reddened by toil

ancestors enriching highland soil

would we have been friends?

my lack of Godhead your penchant

for John Bunion and his sermon

who can say? only the field mouse’

small and mauve in death

brought in by cat laid carefully by farm-house mat

beyond a sewing room where you cobbled looks from Paris

on muslin form, breathing life

I was clumsy and wide waisted in compare

climbing trees watching for the worm

as magpie attracted to beauty

is not capable of wearing his fine theft

he is a creature of the outdoors

looking in from cleft of oak

like I summon you through time

spend a moment here

lend me strength

show me how

you endured the fallow path and

hard winter of turning twenty

as light leaches from heathered hills

and tired men return for their supper

only the fair-headed girl lingers

until last golden arc presses against

violet hour and she too must

return her gaze to humbler pasture

28 thoughts on “Portraiture

  1. Another one with your beautiful imagery, throughout. Will want to read this one again and again as there is so much here to visualize. So much here to wonder about. So much here……including my thanks to you for sharing your amazing gift.

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      1. No I’m fine – but thank you for your concern I’m doing good – more concerned about you hoping you manage to find a way to solve whatever is going on right now as I know how awful uncertainty is my friend xo


  2. On my next reading, I really love “ancestors enriching highland soil”. Could be very symbolic … What our ancestors did in the past and especially important for us in this moment! What are we enriching? What is our work? Our purpose? Also, the verse can be very visual if we meditate on it. Thank you for sharing your gift….taking us places I could not imagine going!

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  3. Love, love, love this! I often see faces in old photographs or paintings and wonder what their lives were like and what they were thinking as they posed. Your touch in this was delicate and sensitive and absolutely lovely! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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