ring1Good day then

fais de beaux rêves

between the spectacle

shut your eyes tight

always keep them open



conducting weather veins

bristling they ebb

pointing into heavens

would they could talk

up there up there

they look and mock our drama

what we believe ourselves to be

quietly observant at the pew

head down knees knocking

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

the day I turned on others and rubbed in

the same welt

gory and open for flies

to lay their magnitude

little children

little liars

come hold hands by the roses

learn a thorn can prick but words are mightier

wielding penchant for harm

like a crystal ball

hear the soft foot fall of night

clothe us in redeeming disguise

fingers behind our backs twix crossed

one for ourselves, one for luck

nothing left to add to the stew

all poison all venom all malice is

but easy fitting shoes on lusty urge

stay your hand my girl

spend time among the rich of heart

they hold less in their pockets

more in their eyes

as first rays of morning

broker subsuming clouds

of darkness

breaking past



14 thoughts on “Between

  1. Awesome and beautiful! Again, one I will return to for additional reading and enjoyment and this word just came to me sbout your writing: Discovery! I really like that word as it pertains to your poetry. So much to discover! And simply impossible to do in one reading! I love ” spend time among the rich of heart” Thank you so much for sharing your gift! If I am going to spend time among the rich of heart, I will be here often!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Words that touch
    Deep depth than hands
    Can reach
    As fountains without wells
    Waterfalls your poetry
    Will never cease but always
    Be beautiful and wonderful
    Besos lovely

    Liked by 1 person

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